Monday, May 07, 2007

response to editorial letter


Re: Jim Stillman--Marietta Daily Journal, Sunday, May 6, 2007.
The sane and informed majority of Americans know that in fact the war is not over. If you think that, please explain the media’s favorite subject, the body count. Any war can be stopped, including civil wars. One just needs to apply enough force. The decision to do that is a political decision and is not necessarily the right approach. Please note that six months ago, the Democrats were screaming (along with some Republicans) that we needed more troops over there. The Democratic Senate approved David Petraeus to take charge. They then proceeded to refuse to allow him time to do what he was going over there to do--increase troop levels in Baghdad and win the war.
Mr. Stillman, if you think our military is under trained, under equipped and undermanned, ask a soldier. You say no jobs, water or electrify. How much did they have before we invaded? I suppose you think the pre war Iraqi’s were better off? I suppose so if they were Bathist Otherwise, they had to worry about rape rooms, torture chambers and mass executions.
I suppose you think that if we had not invaded Iraq, for the 23 reasons the Democrats approved as well as the Republicans, the world would love us and all these terrorist would be throwing flowers instead.
They HATE the US. They hate our way of life and want it to change. One of the problems is that whatever we do, it is not enough. They do not like the religious freedom we enjoy. They do not like the right of women we endorse. They do not like anything about us and unless we submit to the Caliphate, it will not be enough. Are you ready to do that?
If you think pulling out of Iraq will end the war, you are being very foolish. Which Iraq were we in on September 11, 2001? Bush is right in his veto. Please read the constitution. The President is charged with being the Commander in Chief. The Congress approves (as it did) the war and then funds it. If they want to cut off funds, do so. Playing games with our troops is not the way to support them. Saying you do is simply words. Remember, none of these troops were drafted, a fact that many of the so-called advocates of "Peace at any Price" seem to forget. These marvelous young men and women embody the ideal of peace through strength.
And finally, Mr Stillman, please note the Lie that these jackals who absolutely, irrefutably used to start this war. You cannot because there was no lie. That is simply another case of: Say it often enough and loud enough and some people will believe it.


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