Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Reply to Letters Published 5-22-07.

Mr. Martin,
A few questions. If you think we should change our strategy in Iraq, do you now support the new commander in Iraq and his new policies with respect to the increase in troop levels and changed troop assignments?
I know you think people are calling you names and refusing to allow you to speak but exactly how did I find your information? It was printed, the same as many others of different ideologies. I have seen no one try to deny you the right to dissent. We simply think you are wrong.
If you decide to do exactly what your enemy wants you to do by withdrawing your troops, what would you call it except surrender. Redeployment? This is what the Al-Quaida terrorist have been working toward ever since we defeated them in Afghanistan.
No one that I know of has said that Hussain was operationally involved with 9-11 except for those that keep denying it in view of almost every informed person’s acceptance of that fact. Iraq was invaded for many reasons. As I recall, 28 different reasons. WMD was 1. We know Iraq was providing aid to Al-Quaida operatives.
It is clear that you and I will never agree on the increased or decreased danger caused by the Iraq invasion. I think we have been able to fight them there instead of here but you will not agree. Your freedom to do so. Just don't tell me what not to think of your ideas.
In the same edition, Ms Gall seems to imply that the President and his whole cabinet should be jailed for some imagined illegalities. If she is so tired of "Rush, Hannity and Boortz" then she should stop listening. That is what the "Off Button" on the radio is for. Good riddance. If you cannot come up with some better reason for sending our president to jail other than the fact that she precieves a lack of honest debate, I dread her ever having any kind of power over anyone.


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