Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Oh! Woe is US!


So many people in the world complaining about the poor civilians being killed in Lebanon. I hate to see innocent people being killed as much as anyone but the questions is how to stop this killing. Per the UN and others of its ilk, we need a cease fire now. In fact, we should be negotiating with Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria and Iran about how to make the middle east better-read: how to get rid of Israel.
Israel is a democratically elected friend of the US. I am very proud that our president is allowing the Israelis time to clear some of the terrorist in the world. The question is not how to stop Israel from killing innocents but rather who’s fault it is. I heard reports in the last 2 weeks that Israel was dropping leaflets telling the civilians to leave that they would be bombing. I heard that Hezbollah was preventing that exodus to the point of turning all the people fleeing back to their dangerous homes. I have also heard stories about Hezbollah actually blowing them up to get the exact reaction they got. If these terrorist are not concerned about blowing up themselves they don’t have any qualms about killing 50 or so civilians. They certainly are trying to do that with the unguided rockets they send into Israel on a regular basis.
Remember how this started. Israel was invaded, a group of it’s soldiers killed and some kidnapped. That is an act of war in any country anywhere, anytime. If Mexico started sending random missiles into Texas and then invaded and killed and kidnapped, I would hope the president would retaliate.
This will never end as long as there are those out there that are willing to not only kill but die in order to advance their goals of completely eliminating Israel and once that is done spreading their 12th century culture around the world. As Newt Gingrich stated, we are in World War III. Western culture is in danger. So far few people understand the danger in the world. Not enough! It is not too late. The game is in the early innings. It has been going on with slowly increasing ferocity since the 1980’s. The violence will increase. Unfortunately, it will take another 9-11 or worse to have enough people wake up. At least, I hope that whenever that happens people will wake up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This article is so typical of the problem with you on the right. If Iran is and has been such a problem, why then were we so eager to provide them with all kinds of weapons and funds to fight the Soviets..why because it fit our cause, and now somehow we have no responsibility in this problem.

We are getting nowhere in the fight on terrorism and it only grows worse each and every day. You write about innocent civillian lives very flippitantly for somehone who is thousands of miles away from it.

Knowing that their are civilian lives in danger, regardless of how they got there, we should take this into consideration. The Isralies have killed very few in the way of Hamas and Hezbolah and plenty of innocents. This should stop and it should stop now.

Iraq us nothing more than a debacle at this point. We still have yet to find the one man who we really had a beef with..Osama. He still runs at large and our proud millitary is forced to fight a war it will not win. We will not stop terrorism and we are doing nothing more than put a dent in it. They will not surrender. We kill and capture their top leaders and another takes over.

If you look back on history it is our fault that this area is the way it is. We funded it not only to Iran but Iraq as well, all for our own personal gain and now we want to slap the hands of those we fed.

Our presense their makes things worse. Our beef was with Al Qaida and Osama. This objective has not been completed and now seems forgot.

We have too many of our own problems to be worried about all these other countries and trying to fight wars we cant win on our own and with no support from other countries. It is our American Soldiers who die on a daily basis as well as innocent civilians caught up between us and Hamas-Hezbolah and want nothing to do with either of us.

Its time you start offering up a solution to the problems instead of repeating what you are told. It is not World War 3. It is a war between the US and whoever does not meet the needs of the time. A world war is exactly that...who else stands with us?

The Kingdom of Tonga's contingent of 40+ troops returned home on December 17, 2004. Hungary completely pulled its troops out of Iraq by December 22, 2004. Portugal withdrew its contingent of policemen after having been in Iraq for 15 months in February 2005. Moldova withdrew its contingent of 12 in February 2005. Fiji initially deployed 150 troops to Iraq, and later an additioanl 90, but they are there under UN banner (UNAMI) and are therefore not be counted in the coalition. Singapore deployed a ship to the Persian Gulf on Nov. 27, which returned home in March 2005 but since the country does not actually contribute troops on the ground in Iraq, it was not included in the coalition count. Armenia deployed 46 troops to Iraq in mid-January 2005. A new arrival to the list is Bosnia and Herzegovina which deployed an EOD platoon to Iraq in June 2005.

Countries which had troops in or supported operations in Iraq at one point but have pulled out since: Nicaragua (Feb. 2004); Spain (late-Apr. 2004); Dominican Republic (early-May 2004); Honduras (late-May 2004); Philippines (~Jul. 19, 2004); Thailand (late-Aug. 2004); New Zealand (late Sep. 2004); Tonga (mid-Dec. 2004) Hungary (end Dec. 2004); Portugal (mid-Feb. 2005); Moldova (Feb. 2005);

Countries planning to withdraw from Iraq: Poland (starting Jan.05 and completed by end.05(?)); Bulgaria (end of 2005, depending on circumstances); Ukraine (entire contingent, in stages until ~ Oct. 2005)

Countries which have reduced or are planning to reduce their troop commitment: Ukraine (-200 during Fall04 rotation); Moldova (reduced contingent to 12 around mid-2004); Norway (reduced from ~150 to 10 late-Jun.04, early Jul.04); Bulgaria (-50, Dec.04); Poland (-700, Feb.05); Italy (-300 expeted in Sept. 05(decrease appearently began in mid-Aug. 05)); Netherlands (reduced from ~1,345 to 4; ~Mar. 2005)

World war...? Hardly. This has becomes Bush's war and he is fumbling the ball badly. This is nothing more than a quagmire at this point.

You were correct in one point you made. That this will never end as long as these people existed. How do you propose to kill everyone and defeat those in the background waiting to come up? How do you purpose to defeat a mentality?

There is only one resolution to the middle east and that is Iranasaki and Saudiashima. We dont have the guts or the backing to do it. Therefore it will never end.

The best we can do is pull out and put the millitary where it belongs. On the homefront. If Isreal is such a friend get our troops out of Uraq and put them on the border of Isreal. Begin to realise we can fight for 20 years and Bagdadh will never be free of insurgents. Which brings the question...Whats the point.

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