Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Congratulations President Obama

Well, we have a new president. Congratulations to Barack Obama. I saw joy and hope in the faces of many of my coworkers today. To the blacks of this country, this is a momentous occasion.

I note that he is my president. I will support him until and unless he actually does something I cannot support. So far, so good.

I hear people talk about change and hope. If you ask what change, a lot of them are stumped. There is a kind of nebulous feeling out there that our new president will make all things good. I have heard some idiots saying that now they don’t have to worry about their mortgage or the gas in their car. Nuts everywhere.

Reasonable people are open to new ideas and I hope sincerely that we hear some new ideas that are going to work to help this country maintain and improve its place in history.

Looking at the new cabinet, I see some good and some bad things. What I heard of his inauguration speech sounded fine but as usual, not big on specifics but it shouldn’t be. This was a time for patting on the back and smiling.

The media has spent the time since the election building up the man and the expectations of him. It wasn’t quite a coronation but it was approaching it. We have, once again, transitioned from one party to its bitter enemy in a peaceful manner befitting our Constitution. Hurrah!

Now comes the hard part. After the build-up that has been reaching a crescendo over the last week that no mere mortal can possibly meet, the new president must find a way to make it all work. Governing is not the same as campaigning. Now you must find a way for everything to work. If he does and if it seems to most Americans to be a reasonable way for government to function, he will be a very successful President. I truly hope so.

If not, however, I hope the media gets over its love affair with the new President and provides facts that actually reflect reality. We will need to know honestly and quickly if major problems occur.

Unless and until that happens I wish Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America the best of luck and a wonderful term of office.

Harry Flair
Marietta, GA.


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