Sunday, February 08, 2009

Time's UP


Ok, long enough. Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States had had enough of a honeymoon. He is putting all of his abundant oratorical prowess behind the unbelievably poor Senate “Stimulus Bill” or Pork Special. The last poll I heard showed only about 35% of the people wanted this bill. That helps restore my faith in the people of this country.

Mr. Obama argues, it seems to me, that we should all be scared to death that if our big daddy federal government does not throw a Trillion Dollars at every thing the left wants, we will have an economy that collapses worse than the Great Depression.

His basic argument is: We have to do something! If we don’t do something, it is the end of our way of life and although this bill is not the best, it is far better than not doing anything. Is that really a logical argument for intelligent people? Not really. It is an attempt to use his popularity to sell something most people would not buy otherwise.

Perhaps he should be told that the campaign is over. He has to govern now. Just because he won the hearts and minds of a large voting bloc does not mean that he can have whatever he wants.

Most people think that there are things the government can do. Unfortunately, this bill is mostly pork that will do no stimulus at all or for some parts not for 10 years. Emergency Act? Not likely. Not likely to help. I fully hope our Senators both vote against it.


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