Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dems Stay Home


It’s getting close to the election. If I can believe all the polls, the Republicans will have a major party the evening of November 3. I hope so.

The main thing to remember is to VOTE. I have never been a member of the Be sure everyone get out to vote group. If you don’t know what you are voting for, stay home. But for this election, I will put it another way. If you are not voting Republican, stay home.

This country is as close to changing from a Representative Republic to a Socialist Democracy as it has ever been. This election is a referendum on what type of country this is. Are we a country that believes that the individual is responsible for his own life or are we a country that believes that the government can fix anything (See Greece!).

If you believe in capitalism and individual responsibility, if you believe in the right to select your own health care and you own lender then go vote. If you think that we should be told that only the government can decide who can provide student loans or what kind of car that GM can build, then stay home.

I am already concerned about what will happen in the lame duck Congress. Whoever wins on November 3, the Democrats in Congress know that they can do almost anything they want because it will be 2 years before they are held responsible for their actions.

If the Republicans sweep as thoroughly as I hope, it will be their last chance to do the things they want (Card Check, Cap and Trade, etc.). The defeated congresscritters will have no reason to restrain themselves and the victorious ones will see 2 years as an eternity for the public to forget.

Republicans, please hold firm and do everything you can to stop any of this. Beyond that I only want to tell you to remember what is happening this year. You were out of power because you forgot who you were. REMEMBER who writes your check. The Tea Party is a loose association of like-minded people who got fed up. If you take office and slip back, it can just as easily work against you.


Anonymous Ronnie Bowen said...

The dems did stay at home as is evidence by the election results. Hang in there Harry!

2:46 PM  

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