Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Vote Responsibly


I am writing today to the people that have not yet made up their minds about who to vote for next Tuesday. I say to you that if you value the American way of life, if you do not want you children or grandchildren to be praying to Mecca 5 times a day, if you enjoy the fact that women have rights in this country then you better think long and hard about your choice.

I saw a car today with a Kerry/Edwards sticker on it. The sticker said Kerry/Edwards for "A Safer America." A Safer America? How? If you think that having a more sensitive war is safer, if you think that treating World War IV as a nuisance is safer, then yes, Kerry/Edwards would give you a Safer America. If not, however, you better choose the other team.

George W Bush is a wartime president. If you doubt that, ask the three thousand dead from September 11, 2001. Ask the Taliban and ask Saddam Hussain. If you are one of those who think that war never settles anything go find a Carthaginian and ask him or her about it.

War has been declared on this country. Osama Bin Laden said so. He is not the only enemy we have. He is important to America because of 9/11 but he in the overall picture, he is just a player in the show. There are many Islamic Fundamentalist groups that are out there waiting for us. Until we are able to complete this war, we will never be fully safe. That being said, is there any real doubt that the current administration has been able to at least curtail the violence in this country?

The terrorists have said they intend to kill Americans in large numbers. The is little doubt that they have been trying. So far, so good. Unfortunately, that is likely all we could ever honestly be able to say. Kerry wants to use the law enforcement approach to resolving terrorism. Ask him how he will prosecute the suicide bombers. If you think that sending the Sheriff or even the FBI out after Islamic Terrorist will do the job, then you need to stay home. I really don't want you to endanger the lives of millions of guiltless Americans with your uninformed vote.

Although there is no right to vote in the Constitution, that privilege is one that should be guarded ceaselessly. To waste your vote is a shame. If you do go to the polls, think about the safety of your fellow citizens and your descendants. Think about what message you send to the enemies of America if you vote the way the terrorist would like you to. If you doubt that, ask yourself if you were a terrorist, would you want someone that says he will arrest you or someone that says he will kill you and topple the government that supports you.

Vote for the one that will keep your safer.

Vote for George W Bush.

Friday, October 22, 2004

What If Kerry Wins?


I made my pick in the election on Sept 9, a large win for President Bush. I will stick with it. I still think the American voter will walk into the voting booth and decide, not on the rhetoric that is heard daily by both sides but by the one issue that trumps all of the others, terrorism and the pursuit of victories in the War on Terror.

It seems obvious to most people, even the Kerry supporters that on the issue of terrorism, Mr. Bush wins fairly easily. Senator Kerry made his attempt to derail that support when he “Reported for Duty!” in his convention and he was answered by the Swift Boat Vets.

Since he did so, even through in the debates he either won or at least tied according to most, he has been behind. He gained but cannot overtake the president. He hired a new team, the former President Clinton’s group of slime throwers. He has descended into the tried and true Democrat tactic of “Scare the Old Folks”, “Scare the Minorities”, and a new one this year, “Scare the Young Men” with a new Democrat sponsored Draft Proposal, supported by exactly 2 members of the House of Representatives—both Democrats. The president has been blamed for the Flu vaccine problems, for wanting to destroy Social Security and even by some idiot for causing the hurricanes in Florida by not signing on to the Kyoto Treaty.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fools out there and there are a lot of people that want to suck up the government largess from the people that actually earn the money. There are those that hate George W Bush. There are some, I’m told, that actually like Senator Kerry. What happens if he wins?

No, I won’t say something stupid like some brain dead entertainers said. I won’t move to Australia. But what is the actual result of the Kerry Win?

Unless the Senate and the House is swept into office with him, it seems unlikely that he will get much if any of his domestic plans implemented. He has generated so much division that I cannot imagine the Congress working with him. His worst immediate damage on the domestic front will be his nominations to the Supreme Court and if the Republicans have learned anything from the Democrats, they will completely block that.

It is hard to say for sure how much will it hurt the country on the foreign front. It could depend on the reactions of the radical Islamisists that we are fighting. Heck of a deal, our future decided by them. If they stand back and allow President Kerry (God! That hurt to write) to take office and make an effort to actually try to implement the “plans” he has offered in their generalities, it may not for a while at least, seem so bad.

The terrorists will probably wait for at least a while to see exactly how much he (I can’t type that title and name twice!) simply gives them. Will he withdraw immediately from Iraq, leaving a country for the Islamic Nuts to take over? Will he completely demoralize the military to the point that they start to cease functioning efficiently? It is clear that he wants to treat World War IV as a Justice Department issue. I think we can guess that idea is doomed to failure. It depends on reacting instead of proactively seeking the terrorists out. It is, after all, such a nuisance.

If the terrorists don’t wait, the country could face 4 years of misery that could be even worse than the awful picture I see. There could be multiple attacks of all sorts. After all, the suicide bombers have to work, too. If they are not needed in Iraq, maybe some will come over here. I am not saying that Kerry would do nothing, just that his methods as demonstrated by his record would be ineffective. It is difficult to arrest a bomber after he detonates. I foresee very little jail time there.

I don’t know where it will go but I will sincerely pray that I don’t have to find out. I’m scared of that possibility that the terrorists will see his election as the weakness it is and push very hard.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Ok, Who’s Surprised?


It has been 24 hours since the much-ballyhooed debate. Who won? Well, if you listen to the pundits and the campaign people for the Democrats, they did. If you listen to the pundits and the campaign people for the Republicans, they did. Surprise, Surprise.
The general consensus is that Kerry won the Style battle and Bush won the Substance battle. Kerry sounded like an attorney or a college debater and Bush sounded like someone you might run into at the local grocery store. Kerry was glib and displayed a passion I had not heard from him before. Bush displayed the careful, resolved determination most of us have come to expect. Kerry was smooth and easy going, Bush was believable and likeable.
After the words of the two men were given time to sink in, I really didn’t hear anything new from Bush. Kerry, however, showed a little of his true colors in a few of his comments. When speaking of preemptive war, Kerry said “But if and when you do it, Jim, you have to do it in a way that passes the test, that passes the global test where your countrymen, your people understand fully why you're doing what you're doing and you can prove to the world that you did it for legitimate reasons.”
Bush’s reply? “I'm not exactly sure what you mean, "passes the global test," you take preemptive action if you pass a global test. My attitude is you take preemptive action in order to protect the American people, that you act in order to make this country secure. “
Bush did a lot of ah… and umm… Oh well, I don’t think I will vote based on how smooth someone sounds. I think I think after all that, I am still where I was. Fortunately, I think most of us are in the same place. My mind is made up. There is only one issue of importance in this election. Who will best protect this country against the militant Islamic Fundamentalists? There is only one answer to that question.