Thursday, June 15, 2006

Reply to Sal Albanese (Marietta Daily Journal, 6/15/06

Is That So, Mr. Albanese?

I suppose you know all of the people that support the war? You know me?
My daughter’s husband has just returned to Iraq after a 2 week leave in order to be introduced to his new daughter.

Find a random soldier arriving at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. If you can get to them through the crowd of people applauding them, ask them if they think you are supporting them by calling the Bush Administration amateur and corrupt. I think you will be somewhat surprised at the answer. They will know what you don’t know. They are doing a job that needs to be done. They also know that when you are screaming that their effort is worthless you are giving aid to their enemies.

I don’t know for sure what your political affiliations are but I would suspect that the Bush administration can do NOTHING that would make you happy, short of resigning. I would be willing to bet you had that opinion before 9/11. Are you one of those who still have a deluded belief that Bush was selected President? You LOST! Twice.

Tell me how you can get more personal than saying that you know that no one that supports the war has children there. You want a draft? That is the most immoral thing a country can do to its citizens. Our troops are all volunteers. If you started a draft, you would simply destroy the morale that has slowly but surly rebounded since those draftees have been removed since the end of the draft. Do you know any draft age children? If so, ask them if that is a good idea to put people’s lives on the line when they do not choose to do so.

Again, Mr. Albanese, you show your ignorance of reality. This is a long war and Iraq is a battle in it. I hope people wake up before the next 9/11. I am glad the president is watching the terrorists. You would probably want to arrest them and try them. They must be put out of work permanently.

Letter 22

Hey everyone,
Well, unfortunately I had to leave and go back to being a defender of truth, justice, and the American way. I want to say thanks to everyone for their love and support and if I didn't get to see someone, I hope I will get to see you soon. I never would have guessed how wonderful having a little girl would be, and I only wish I could be there to help with all of the nightly diaper changes over the next 4-5 months, but Amy has already assured me that I will take over all diaper duties upon my return until she feels we are even. : ) Well, I'm currently en route back to Iraq, where I'm sure things are going to be just as much fun as when I left. I will let everyone know what people are thinking about everything going on over there. Well, my time is up, so I have to go. Take care and I will talk with you all soon.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Letter 21

Hey everyone just wanted to let you all know how good it is to be back in the States for a couple of weeks. As most of you may already know Amy gave birth to a happy and healthy little girl we named Kayla. She is so tiny and so cute and already has me wrapped around her little fingers. She couldn't wait for me to get back home so she came a little early but she is doing really well. I will be in Atlanta until the 14th and I hope to make it to Kentucky while I'm here, it just depends on the Kayla's doctor visits and how well Amy feels. Here are a couple of pictures of my sweet little girl. Take care.