Friday, September 30, 2005

A confirmation at last!


At last! The Roberts confirmation is over and he has been sworn in. I think I will be pleased with the Roberts Court but to some extent that remains to be seen. It is, however, unusual to have a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States that has a 4 year old son. Strangely refreshing, though.

I have heard Liberals saying that now that they have confirmed Roberts, the President should replace Sandra Day O'Connor with a "moderate". Rubbish! George W Bush won the election after telling the citizens of this country that the nomination of strict constructionist was a priority for him in the second term. Why should he sway from that? I am no longer surprised at the audacity of liberals. They and their Main Stream Media and Entertainment enablers will stop at nothing. Generally I have heard that the Democrats have said that they agreed on Roberts but they will gang up on the next nomination. I have no doubt that is true.

I wonder if anyone noticed something. When Ginsburg was confirmed, she declined to answer questions that she might have to rule on. It has been called the Ginsburg rule. A lot of people were talking about how Roberts should not have to answer the same type of questions. Democrats said, to a large degree, that there was no such thing as the Ginsburg rule and Roberts had to answer all questions.

Well, he didn't. He steadfastly refused to do so and he got confirmed. He got 78 votes. It seems to me that whoever the president nominates has a really good, newly vindicated Ginsburg rule to follow. Who knows. It might help.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Is this enough?


Has the insanity of the energy industry finally gotten bad enough to allow some changes? Does the reduced supply and $6.00 gasoline make enough difference to allow some changes to start being made?

Hurricane Katrina added her input to the energy madness and caused several refineries to close or operate at reduced rates. The loss of electrical power caused pipeline companies to temporarily run short. Big surprise. Did anyone notice that there hasn't been a refinery built in about 30 years? How much has demand increased in that time?

Oh well, I guess it is OK to stand in line for very expensive gasoline--as long as they don't build one of those smelly plants anywhere. God knows, it might disturb some mosquito somewhere if we do. And Nuclear power? Not a chance. The environmentalists would go completely berserk

I did see a poll last week showing that the majority of people now approve of the idea of nuclear power plants. The latest Rasmussen survey finds that 55 percent now want the U.S. to move towards nuclear energy, with just 24 percent opposed. This is a major change. The date on this poll was August 25, 2005--Before Katrina.

I think the public is slowly starting to see that something must be done now. The problem is what to do. Drilling should be happening everywhere it can. Refineries should be built as needed and a major shift to nuclear power should start immediately. I know politicians are afraid of controversy but very few people will change to vote against a politician showing support for this. The environmentalists will not have voted for them anyway. Show a little courage now and it will be a big help to the public you serve.