Thursday, June 23, 2005

Senator Durbin


Senator Durbin,

I read your speech before Congress the other day about the terrible torture of the terrorists in Guantanamo. Had I read this and not known it was a prepared speech read before the U. S. Senate, I would most certainly believed that this must have been a rant prepared in Al Jazeera from Osama Bin Laden or from some other vile enemy of the United States.

Now, I understand that Durbin said that "Some may believe that my remarks crossed the line. To them I extend my heartfelt apologies." Does this mean I should accept his apology? He did not say that he was sorry he made the statement. He simply "apologized" if I believe his remark crossed the line.

Shame on you! You know very well that the American Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen are not the kind of animal that you compared them to. I hereby question your patriotism. I can do this regardless of your denial that I can because I live in a free country. This country. You have the right, won by the blood of the same American fighting men you have disparaged, to make this unwarranted charge. I have the right, won the same way to say to you, sir, Shame!

Read you history sir. Pol Pot did not use his killing fields to isolate truly evil persons from society. He used them to KILL. The Nazis did not use the concentration camp and gas chambers to isolate people that were captured on the field of battle but rather to exterminate groups of people. The Gulags were not for gathering information on future terrorist attacks but to remove enemies of the State.

I challenge you sir. Defend your statements or withdraw them immediately. You have given the enemies of our freedoms more ammunition to use

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Where's the Lie?


I can't tell you how tired I am of the constant cries that "Bush Lied, people died." I have heard that incessantly in some form or other for the last year or so. Yeah? When did he lie? I have yet to hear anyone present a single instance that has a documented falsehood uttered by Bush or his high level associates in relation to the war in Iraq.

For those of you that do not fully understand the English language, a lie requires knowledge that the statement made is false. If you make a statement that is based on faulty information and truly believe it to be true, that is NOT a lie. It is generally understood to be an error or a mistake. A lie requires that the person making the statement know at the time the statement is made that it is false.

I am also getting weary of the whining fools that think that how the world "feels" about us is in some manner going to have an impact on the war we are currently involved in. Our enemy in this war is the Islamic Jihadist. These zealots do not particularly care how we treat our prisoners and the more bad headlines they can generate the better. Their current goal is to cause the American public to decide that the cost of the war is not worth the effort. Part of that is to make our leaders look like liars and fools. Unfortunately, they are getting a lot of help from the old media who love to print anything detrimental to the administration and ignore anything praiseworthy.

The terrorists locked away in Guantanamo are not being tortured. They are getting treatment as good as they would receive anywhere else in the world. NONE of them have died, no serious injuries exist. In the Soviet Union, Cambodia or Nazi Germany, that would not be the case, regardless of what Dick Durbin says.

All of the reasons for fighting in Iraq are still there. We have already changed the landscape in the Middle East. Supporting our troops does not mean comparing them to Nazis. Supporting our troops does not mean setting a date for withdrawal, thereby telling the terrorist (not insurgents) when they should schedule the big push. If we withdraw from Iraq before WE decide it is the correct time to do so, the people that compare it to Vietnam may become right. They wished for it, they cried that this is a quagmire and they could cause it to become true.

If we surrender in Iraq, we might as well start planning for the next attack. We will have told the terrorist to go ahead--we won't fight back for long.