Sunday, December 13, 2009

Reply to editorilist Reg Henry


Well Mr. Henry, did you happen to notice the job President Obama has been doing to this county?

It is not an evil genius that has pressed for the government to take over 16% of the economy of this country.

I know you try to think at least once a day but I think you may have failed when you wrote your last article. You try to paint all of the opposition as birthers or those who think the president is a Muslim but that is a well-known rhetorical trick used by may liberal apologists.

The TelePrompTer flap is simply a humorous aside to the argument about this president. He does seem to perform much better when using one but so what? Just funny!

When you disparage the tea party movement, you have to use the left wing vulgar terminology. Can’t you even discus a movement of a large group of the grass roots people of this country with some form of intelligent words?

In your mind, it seems, you want to blame all of the president’s problems on evil geniuses and give no right of fair argument to those who don’t agree with you or him.

When most conservative commentators have a discussion with liberals on the issues, they try to argue the merits of the issue. Liberals, on the other hand sometimes make an attempt to argue but almost immediately start calling names.
Tea-Baggers, homophobes, holocaust deniers (If you don’t subscribe to the man caused global warming theory) and so many others examples abound.

Rather, Mr Henry can we discuss the deficit your president and congress has run up? Can we discuss the EPA saying it will regulate in a “Command and Control” manner the economy of the United States.

No, I guess not. Let us just assume that a few evil geniuses have change the poll numbers of this president to have him one of the lowest approval rating at this time in his presidency of any president in history.

Good Luck with that one!

Harry Flair
Marietta, GA.