Friday, October 20, 2006

Here Come the Dems

The Election is Getting Close
It is getting close to the election. I hear Democrats hopefully trying to convince the Republican voters that either they have no chance to win so they might as well stay home or trying to convince them that no one else is going to vote so there is no reason to bother.
I certainly hope it doesn’t work. The Democrats are trying every trick in the book. (Yes, I know--so are the Republicans!) The entertaining part is listening to the Dems telling the Republicans that they shouldn’t vote for their party because it acted like Democrats on the budget. They tell you how bad the economy is--Didn’t I see DOW 12,000 this morning? Unemployment is historically low, the unemployment claims are the lowest in months, gas prices are 33-40% lower than this time 6 months ago.
The painfully point out that they are sure all Republicans are not Mark Foley but since they are in the same party, they surely don’t care about children. Never mind we are talking about bad e-mail that was available to people for years and truly awful text messages available to Republicans for a week or so before action was taken. When Republicans point to worse behavior by others and show the double standard, the Democrats say that they are playing politics.
They tell you the war in Iraq is a disaster. What do they want to do? Leave. Variously, they says run out as fast as we can, leave at the end of the year and some even say (those in Red States) that we need a new plan. Fine. What is it? No one knows.
Immigration is another favorite. They point out that the Republicans don’t want a comprehensive policy because those evil Republicans want a fence. Lets just blame those terrible businessmen who hire them. Shades of Berlin. Oh, I forgot. The Berlin wall kept people in. Ours is to keep people out. Most people believe we stop the flood before we address other issues. Almost the only people talking about doing door to door to throw people out are Democrats implying that the Republicans want to.
So if you want a Speaker Pelosi, a Majority leader Reid, impeachment hearing, attempts to defund defense as well as the Fence at the border, stay home on election day. You’ll teach those Republicans. Meanwhile if you don’t vote, you vote Democratic.