Friday, March 23, 2007



Once again someone has written in complaining about the war being built on "a foundation of lies". Again, we hear that we have lost the war. An implied "we cannot win the war" is always there and again the cry that "Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11" as a proof that the president lied.
The resolution authorizing the war was almost unanimous. The stated caused for the war included but was not limited to a worldwide belief that Saddam was recreating his WMD capability, his constant violations of UN resolutions (note, UN, not US), attempted assassination of a US president, his support of terrorism (not of 9/11) and others. It you were to go to Wikipedia and search on Iraq Resolution, you will see the full list. Oddly enough, it does NOT include participation of Saddam in 9/11.
As for losing the war, consider where we are with respect to the objectives. Saddam is taking a desert dirt nap now and I cannot think of many people that deserve that fate more. Iraq has an elected democratic style government. Most of the provinces in Iraq are peaceful. A recent poll of the citizens of Iraq indicated that very few think things were better under Saddam. Less than a quarter of Iraqi citizens believe they are in a civil war whereas almost 100% of democrats and media outlets believe that. The rape rooms are closed. Despite the outrage of the panty wearing prisoners in Abu Ghraib, the torture rooms are closed. Lately, the deaths are down substantially, both of US Troops and civilians.
Now the Democrats are attempting to put a limit on war. They are tying the funding of the war to a date certain withdrawal. The president cannot and has vowed that he will not sign that bill. If he does, it sets limits on what he can do and takes the authority away from the president for controlling the war. In case you are not familiar with it, the Constitution provides the President with that power. I do not want 435 presidents to run a war. Note: It just passed with 218 votes. A powerful (bare) majority.
I understand that some of you do not like the war. I want it to end as soon as possible but putting a date of withdrawal on it simply tells our enemies how long to hide out. If I were the president, if this abomination passes, I would veto it and if no replacement comes along, he will have no choice but to withdraw. Our troops that the Democrats claim to respect and their families will be without the materials they need. And may the Democrats reap the whirlwind.