Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It's Over for Now


Well, It’s over.

What does the election mean? I think everyone has their own opinion. The news media says it is the end of “conservatisms”.
I have heard some of the talk show hosts say it means that conservatives stayed home and that means that they have all the power in the upcoming election.

Who knows? Clinton and Obama both claim victory on the Democrat side. McClain rightfully claims victory for the Republicans. Huckabee claims a huge victory in the south and Romney says “I am in it until the end.”

It did not come out the way I wanted but that is what the vote is for. Hopefully the conservatives will find a way to support whoever the Republicans select, otherwise the Democrats will have a field day.

Who knows? Maybe the Democrats will get nasty with each other and have and independent run by whichever looses. Maybe the conservatives will run an independent candidate and maybe Bloomberg will actually run.
Whatever happens, it ought to be fun!