Monday, July 31, 2006

Letter 23 from Billy


Hello everyone, hope you are doing well. I'm doing good, enjoying the sunny weather out here. Temps are in the 120's in the day and 90's at night, but at least we got our power back on, we went a week without AC. Many of you may have heard that some units got extended for 4 months. As of right now that doesn't affect our team. We did not come over here on unit orders, most of us came on individual orders. We are currently in the process of planning our relief-in-place with the team that is coming to replace us. We were preparing what to expect on a daily basis with working with the Iraqi National Police and monthly calendars and all that fun stuff, but with the uncertainty and chaotic nature of Iraq, we may end up knowing just as much as the new guys coming in. There are rumors that we may turn into an Iraqi Army unit or might switch our area of operations or even completely disband. No one knows around here, which is par for the course. Anyway, I'm into double-digits now and counting down, so for me its just 97 and a wake-up, but who's counting? I can already smell the ocean air and I'm making a list of all the food that I've missed and plan on eating. Hope everyone is planning on coming out to Hawaii and visiting us, let me know if you are interested and I'll help you get the best prices. Some of you already promised to come out so you better come see us.
Take care and write back,

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Enough of this!


I have just about had it with "lets all just try to get along." I read Dick Morris this morning and he says no that the Mexican people have elected the "conservative" it is time to be generous with the illegals. He says that the Mexican people turned away from a Chavez type leader so we should be nice to the people that have broken our laws. Garbage.
The border needs to be secured. That is the first thing. This article, however is not about border security. I have had just about enough of trying to get along in the political arena. George W. Bush came into office with the attitude of if he played nice with Ted Kennedy and the press he would be able to "just get along" with the Democrats. Didn’t happen. At every point where he had a chance to play hardball with the Democrats, he slow pitched them and they hit long balls instead.
I have never heard the President use the bully pulpit to pound on the Democrats. He certainly has not pursued the press in situations that I think he should. You cannot say the same about them. They have screamed LIAR at him for so long that people now believe it. The big lie works for Democrats when the press helps. I don’t need to defend this--those that support the war understand there were 23 reasons listed on the approval from Congress.
People say no WMD’s were found and yet when the classified report comes out with the data on the WMD’s found, none of the President’s people came out and touted the report. He has consistently chosen the less contentious approach to take when working with Democrats.
Enough! It is past time to pound them. When you are right, shout it. When they support pulling out of Iraq despite the obvious problems with that, tell the world about it. Play hardball. I think that George W is so beaten down by the press and the Democrats that he doesn’t even remember how to fight back.
Bush ran as a "Compassionate Conservative." That is what he seems to be. He has been a good war time president and seems to be doing a very good job with protecting the country. He needs to start fighting back on the political front. He needs to prosecute the people that are leaking to the press. He needs to demand that Congress open hearing and push for them to get the sources of the constant drumbeat of leaks that are detrimental to the health of this country.
Enough! How long can we exist as a country if we allow people that hate our president to continue to fight him at the expense of the country’s security. Shame on the New York Times! Shame on the LA Times! Shame on those Democrats (not all) that give aid and comfort to our enemies! Do they not think that we are at war?
The hatred I hear is beyond that which is normal and consistent with the understandable desire of Democrats to get back in power. It is a visceral hatred that goes so far as to actually give aid to the enemy. Of course they want to get back in power.
I see cartoons in the paper that show the terrible straits into which the country has fallen. Yet, if you check the financial sections of the same papers, you see that the economy is going great guns. The stock market is up, employment is up. Wages are up. The President and his people should be touting that and saying it loud and clear.
We are winning the war in Iraq. It is not a fast process but the wonderful military we have is doing what it has to do. It is slowly pushing the terrorists and "insurgents" back in influence and improving the conditions there. It is doing so in a humane manner never before seen on the face of the Earth. They take such pain including deaths to protect civilians. It hurts to see things like the murder/rape that is so in the paper now. If they are convicted I believe they need severe punishment, up to and possibly including the death penalty. They disgrace the military and the country.
We are under threat from North Korea, from Iran, from general terrorist and from within. The external enemies are obvious. The internal enemies are, too. Part of the problem is that the internal enemies sometimes don’t even know that they are enemies of freedom. They seem to have blurred the line between freedom and hedonism. Not the same thing.
I don’t think our civilizations is going to crash because of this. I don’t think even that the country will collapse because of this. I do think that the recent trend will continue to alienate Americans until something dramatic happens. I hope that is a good dramatic thing but I am afraid--so very afraid that it will be another larger terrorist attack.